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We are launching!
A single and free marketplace for (really) everybody

We believe that the marketplace shall be free and accessible for all. This is the fundamental principle to provide equal access to the opportunities of a single market for both individuals and companies across Europe. We intend to empower people like you, tearing down the barriers and commercial boarders in the european market. We are taking the first steps in this long run, and we want you to walk with us.

mygora is free
Free ads for private users and companies in all 4 sections of our platform, including generalist, motors, real estate and jobs!
mygora is safe
Stay safe and protect your privacy. Use the messaging system to manage your requests without giving out your telephone number and hide your location in Ads!
Europe as local market
Classifieds platforms are usually local. We will change this habit, creating an european single market: buy & sell without borders.
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The power of free Ads

- for you and your business

We demand easy and free access to a digital single market in which sellers and buyers can trade where, when and with whom they want. Our mission is to open this amazing opportunity for our users and tear down the barriers created by imaginary borders across Europe.

Free access to a much larger market means much more possibilities for both you and your business. Any financial or geographical restriction to our platform would lead to a barrier between users and their fundamental needs for mobility, housing, work and the beautiful things of life. This would go against all our beliefs. With a single marketplace you can explore Europe's cultural riches and promote your work for a much larger audience.

We noticed that the european common market benefits mostly corporations. Individuals, small and medium sized companies keep operating locally. The reason for that? Bureaucracy, desinformation and a lack of trust in cross-border transactions. But we (the people of mygora) want to change this perspective.

Classifieds shall not discriminate or charge differently by user, device or geographic location. Tear down this wall!

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Be bold,

and stand up

for our community

Take over the marketplace! It's time to engage!

The markeplace doesn't belong to one company. It's existance depends on sellers and buyers, working together in harmony. We want to enhance this relationship creating a compelling free experience. If you share our thoughts, it's time to engage! Create you first ad and help us create a real free choice in the market.

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